What a winner!


So proud of my boy!

Even though he hates writing (handwriting that is), when he saw an article in the local paper advertising a short story writing competition for children, he immediately sat down and wrote a story. The closing date at that stage was only a couple of days away, so he really had to knuckle down to complete it, and we got the entry in with hours to spare.

His (unusual) motivation came from the fact that the prize was a R450 gift book voucher – a tantalising carrot for a boy who can never get enough books!

What a thrilling surprise when we received notification that he had won his age and language category in the inaugural Skryfnet (Just Write) competition!

A couple of weeks ago, we were privileged to meet the organiser of the competition, Dr Owen Msimango, a dentist (originally from Soweto) now living in the UK. He was in South Africa briefly to meet the winners and present the prizes. He has an awesome vision to promote literature and writing skills amongst young South Africans.


One of the judges, author Michael Sears, posted an article about the competition, including my son’s winning entry, on this site:http://www.murderiseverywhere.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/skryf-net.html#comment-form


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