New Year, New Challenges!


That says it all!  Whilst I am not in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions, having long since discovered that they rarely – if ever – are accomplished, I do believe in making decisions and setting challenges for a new year.

This year’s major new challenge is Scouting-related. My son has turned 11 and so completed his journey with Cubs and moved on to Scouts. It was long-since decided that I would travel through Cubs with him, and that his father would make the Scout journey with him. However, for personal reasons, Dad was unwilling to be involved with the current Scout Group.

To cut a long story short, after much debate I resigned my post as Pack Scouter/Akela, and together with my hubby took up the challenge of reviving a scout group in our area which has stood dormant for the last 4 years.

We have spent the past few months sorting through store-rooms laden with dust and records going back 50 years. Hubby is seriously re-considering the wisdom of his decision after finding out that he now needs to manage not only Scouts, but the hall and facilities as well! He has been wading through accounts and tenant contracts and the like (a really torturous task for a techie like Himself).

We are 17 days away from our opening and are stepping up our preparations – if you wish, you may follow our progress on our blog or visit us on Facebook.

These are exciting times!

I will be developing the Cub group – I love my “Cubbies” – as well as a Meerkat group (5 – 7 year-olds), and hubby will be taking on the Scouts with our son as the first Scout of the new group!

As for homeschooling …

Feeling more confident in my abilities now, I am building my own curriculum for this year instead of buying a packaged one, hoping that this will assist us to tailor our schooling more to our own interests and passions, and allow us to more fully explore the subjects we are really interested in.

We will be spending more time this year on Nature Studies, and will be adding Latin to our repertoire.

History studies will continue with Story of the World, but we will expand on it with more related activities, using the companion Activity Book.

We will complete our current Geography, Biology and Anatomy curriculums and then continue with Zoology 1 from Apologia, and begin a round-the-world study of Peoples of the World (Usborne).

Our Life Skills and Technology studies this year will include some cooking, photography and computer skills.

The other subjects will continue in much the same vein as we have been doing.

Another challenge I have given myself is to start a homeschool support group once a month, using the Scout Hall as a meeting place (and hopefully encouraging home-schoolers to join Cub and Scouts).

LOTS of new challenges! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!