New apps and breakfast in bed!


I have this great new app on my phone that allows me to blog straight from my phone – maybe I’ll get here more often now!

It’s my birthday and my son made me breakfast in bed! Paw-paw followed by tea with toast and boiled egg – with a sparkler stuck in the egg! So sweet!

I LOVE home-schooling! If I’d had to get him to school this morning I wouldn’t be sitting here in bed now with a full stomach and a smirk on my face!


Tectonic Jigsaw Puzzle


Don’t find my way here too often these days, but this I had to share!

Our Geography studies this week centered around earthquakes and the movement of tectonic plates.

I found a great jigsaw puzzle for Little Einstein to make and do of the tectonic plates.

He coloured it in, pasted it on cardboard, cut it up and had fun rebuilding it and learning about where earthquakes are most likely to occur.

Here’s the link:

Have fun!