The homeschool of life


Life has a habit of throwing curve-balls at you just when you think everything is going great, and my disappearance from these pages recently was a result of just another of those curve-balls.
Unexpectedly, my mother was hospitalised needing urgent heart surgery. As I am the only one of my siblings close by, my life was upended for a few weeks with daily visits across the city to see her in the ICU.
Thankfully, life is now returning to normal. However, our schoolwork lagged sadly behind in those few weeks.
Initially I stressed about missing lessons. Then I realised God was a step ahead of me!
When my Mom was admitted, my son and I went along to see her settled in and a sister in the ward queried him as to why he was there and not in school. He told her he was a home-schooler and I quipped “we’re doing Anatomy today!”
Imagine my surprise when I sat down to do my preparation for the week ahead and found that our anatomy lesson for that week was all about the heart!
He was able to fully understand what “Nana” was having done to her and even enlighten her somewhat! The “coincidence” made the lesson so much more real.
On a subsequent visit to the hospital, we were leaving to return home when my son noticed the 911 helicopter on the helipad with its rotors just beginning to turn.
I parked and we watched close up as it took off, blasting dust and leaves all over us. What an unexpected thrill for my boy – so much so that he requested that I make him a “Special Moments Diary”.
My “reluctant writer” wrote a beautiful story about this special moment and drew a lovely picture.

When Nana returned home and needed help to get back on her feet after the op, we packed our school into a box and went home with her for a week to the retirement village where she lives.
In-between lessons, he visited with some of the other elderly folk in the complex, helped to build a model boat and learned how to “speak-up” to a somewhat deaf gentleman.
Through all of this, I learned to relax (a little, as I tend to be a tick-the-boxes kind of person) about the schedules and know that God is gently teaching lessons that would never otherwise be learnt. Life lessons. Love lessons.
I gained an even greater appreciation for this journey of homeschooling that affords us the opportunity to learn on our own terms and not be stuck adhering to a schedule or a set of curriculum rules.


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