I’m Back!!


Whew! Was I ever under a misconception! Here I thought I was going to breeze into home-schooling and running Cubs all together and have plenty of time to write blogs while my son was getting on with his work. Huh??!!

I can just see all you seasoned home-schoolers laughing up your sleeves!
I bombed out big time!
The only reason I’m sitting here now is that Cubs have closed for the term, giving me some measure of a breather.
I didn’t ever get to posting the promised Compass game, so here it is:

Mark the place where you are standing with a stick or stone.

Using your compass, walk 12 paces due north.
Next, turn and face east. Now walk 6 paces due east.
Walk 6 paces due south.
Walk 4 paces south-west.
Walk 4 paces due east.
Walk 4 paces north-east.
Walk 6 paces due south.
Walk 10 paces due west.
You should finish up where you started!

My Cubs and I have done some great crafts and activities over the past weeks, and completed quite a bit of interest badge work. We held an icy one-night camp at our hall (with the tents inside the hall), during which we made mosaic hearts and a peg pot-stand for our handcraft badge; paper planes and kites for our flying models badge; and a set of secret codes for the secret codes badge.

The Mosaic Hearts before the grout was added. Thread a ribbon through the hole and hang.

Take the pegs apart and stick back-to-back with wood glue. Allow to dry and then stick together. This is a half-completed stand. They can then be varnished or painted.

We also made string tins for our Dads for Father’s Day: Take a small Pringles tin and paint with three coats of blackboard paint, punch a hole in the lid and thread the string through and decorate the tin to your heart’s content with coloured chalks. (Great Recycling!)

As for home-schooling…we finally received our books about three weeks ago, and are enjoying getting into ancient history studies, geography and anatomy, as well as some super literature.

Leave it to my son though, and he would just do “the fun stuff”, being the crafts that go with history and the experiments that go with geography. He would also read all 16 books in the literature pack in one sitting if I gave him half a chance! When it comes to Maths and Grammar however…he can sit over it the whole day! And he hates doing any written work! Any suggestions to overcome these hurdles?


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