Hello and welcome to ‘Of Right Mind’!

On these pages, you will find a collection of thoughts and ideas, as well as experiences, of my journey with the homeschooling life. Look out for occasional “freebies” – I try to share templates and links to freebies we have enjoyed, as well as some original ideas for schooling. You are welcome to download these for your own use.


I am first and foremost a woman who seeks always to be ‘hidden with Christ in God’. From that place of love and security, I am a wife and Mom; and a once-upon-a-time journalist and photographer.  I live in the lovely “Jacaranda City” (Pretoria) in South Africa.

I am, of necessity, also a home-schooler. My very bright 13-year-old son is one of those kids who is simply just ‘wired differently’ – a square peg that will never, ever fit into the round hole that secular schooling offers.

After years of struggles with teachers who were at a loss to answer most of his questions, classmates who thought he was weird, and a host of teachers, psychologists and well-meaners who were convinced that Ritalin was the answer, I finally wrestled back the power to choose and opted to home-school (without Ritalin!). Many of the above-mentioned thought I had lost my mind, and the critics all waited for us to fail. Five years down the line, I am more convinced than ever that I am “Of Right Mind”.

I invite you to join me as I discover life anew each day through this journey.


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Nicki,
    Have come to you through the carnival, where I shared about our very similar paths 😉 I am wanting to get our son into Cubs, when he turns 7 in January, but have been warned that not all groups are equal. Could you recommend to me a group in JHB? We are looking at Emmarentia, Greenside, Rosebank, Parktown areas. Perhaps you should reply to me on PM joyleavesley@hotmail.com

  2. As a grown up woman who loved Girl Guides I feel an odd kinship with you (on the male side)! I think it is a wonderful part of life, and am pleased to have found you through the carnival! I believe you are truly of right mind! Enjoy the journey!

    • Hi Karen!
      Thanks so much for the visit. I was never a Girl Guide or Brownie myself, but have grown into Scouting with my son and realise now what I missed growing up! What adventures we have! My Cub group is mixed, and I actually have more girls in the group at the moment than boys. I always wanted a daughter, but God saw fit to give me an only son – then he gave me Cubs! I get to enjoy the fun with my own son and with other people’s daughters!

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